The Lowdown On Youth T-Shirts

youth Tshirt ChicagoWhen you are choosing a t-shirt for one of your kids what is uppermost in your mind? Is it comfort? Is it design? Do you want your youth t-shirt to have a funny slogan on them? Or maybe a bright image?

Well some parents are going to be looking primarily for comfort. I really depends on the age of the child. For toddlers, the need for comfort is important but some parents will feel that a good design or funny slogan is important as well.

Older kids are likely to be a lot more selective. Also the gender of your child is important. An older girl is likely to be a lot choosier than an older boy. For kids of these ages there is so much choice.

Types of Youth T-Shirts

Does your kid want a t-shirt with a large logo on it? Maybe they are at an age where they would prefer a plain t-shirt with their own design printed on it? Boys may prefer a hooded t-shirt as opposed to a crew neck.

Boys are becoming a lot more fashion and design conscious these days. They like fashionable logos and t-shirts that have a good fit. Some boys will not care too much about comfort – they will be more concerned about how good the t-shirt looks on them.

For the parents they need to consider how durable and hardwearing a boys t-shirt is likely to be. After all an older boy is going to push the limits of his t-shirt and if it falls to pieces after a short time then everyone ends up disappointed. So look for both durability and style in an older male youth t-shirt and you will keep your son happy and keep money in your pocket.

Older boys may find a performance t-shirt to their liking. A thermal t-shirt can also be good for older boys. Raglan t-shirts are also available so take your time and get your child to look through the different styles online with you.

If you think the range of youth t-shirt styles was wide then it pales in comparison to the number of different styles available for girls. You can get everything from Disney style t-shirts to plaid sleeveless shirts.

Sometimes girls like to wear t-shirts that have a large logo on them. These are more popular among the older girls. There are even lacey t-shirts that are available for girls. Some girls will want to wear a totally basic t-shirt that has no logo or design on it. They may be interested in a unique design printed on it.

For the younger girls and toddlers then bright colors with kid friendly designs are popular. Younger girls tend to like designs with cats or other pets on them rather than brand logos. Disney characters are also popular with young girls.

Is a young girl of 5 years old really worried about the design of her youth t-shirt? No she won’t be. A bright shirt with a nice print on it will be of more interest. As long as the t-shirt is comfortable to wear she will be very happy. This changes as your daughter gets older.

When your girl is approaching her teenage years then style is very important. It needs to fit her body size and shape well because she will wear this garment when she is around her friends and not just at home.

An older girl will probably want a number of youth t-shirts that she can mix and match with jeans and skirts. This is very different from older boys who will have a favorite t-shirt that they will wear until it disintegrates on their body.

Youth T-Shirts We Can Supply

We have a wide range of youth t-shirts available as mill graded irregulars as well as thirds. We have a lot of different styles available for both boys and girls.


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