Women’s T-Shirts And How They Like To Wear Them

womans T Shirt ChicagoWomen have a totally different attitude towards t-shirts than men do. For men a t-shirt is a comfortable and casual garment that they can throw on at any time and that’s about it. For women t-shirts can represent so many different things to them.

Women like t-shirts that are not overly tight, not too sheer and they are not crazy about cap sleeves. Women also buy a lot of white t-shirts as they like the color very much above all others. In this article we look at women’s t-shirts (and men’s) and what they like to do with them.

Wearing your Partner’s worn out T-shirts

Although this is primarily about women’s t-shirts, there are quite a few women out there that just love to wear their partner’s t-shirts that have worn out or getting there. Some will wear these t-shirts a few days every week.

Some women have said in a recent survey that they really like to wear their husband’s or boyfriend’s t-shirts that have been worn in really well and are at the point of developing holes. The boyish look appeals to them and they are not too tight.

A Vintage T-Shirt Style

When it comes to choosing women’s t-shirts a lot of the girls out there prefer the crop top style or the baby tee and undershirt hybrid. They prefer their t-shirts to be boxy and small cropped subtly at waist level, have a light structure and a crew neck.

Women like this kind of style as they believe that it is a “vintage look”. You know the kind of woman’s t-shirt that you envisage spotting at a vintage shop but they are never there. These t-shirts are so wearable and you can wear them with everything.

Try the vintage t-shirt with your jeans to elevate them, you can wear them effortlessly with skirts and just about any kind of pants that you have. The girls really like this vintage style as these t-shirts are wearable all of the time.

T-Shirt or Dress?

Many women like thicker t-shirts rather than the thin material type. They will often buy the largest size available (sometimes men’s) so that it becomes a t-shirt dress. Box structure t-shirts work the best if you want to wear them as a dress.

A Formal T-Shirt?

A lot of women will go for a t-shirt that has the very best feel and fit. They prefer that their t-shirts fall below their waists so the whole thing looks really feminine and dressier. A girl will spend a lot more time choosing a t-shirt than a man will because they want to get so much from it.

White T-shirts and Army Jackets?

Wearing army jackets is a fashionable thing for women to do these days. The best t-shirt for women in this scenario is white with a loose fit. You can wear these kinds of t-shirts with yoga pants or sweat pants and they will certainly look great under that army jacket.

Oversize and Boxy

Women will choose oversize t-shirts as long as the over-sizing is right. Very popular with women at the moment are the boxy t-shirts. These t-shirts are wrinkle resistant and use thicker material.

There is a thicker rib around the collar and these oversize t-shirts provide a silhouette that provides a good tomboy vibe without being a man’s t-shirt. The shoulders of these t-shirts are soft and they look great on most women.

Formal Occasion T-Shirt

Is it possible for women’s t-shirts to be worn on formal occasions? It certainly is and women like to choose loose fitting t-shirts that have their collars stretched out. A t-shirt that meets the waist of the jeans or pants is the most desirable.

Favorite Women’s T-Shirts

In the survey women were asked to name their favorite kind of t-shirt. A lot of the women went for the V-neck style. They felt that these kind of t-shirts gave them more room to breathe while still looking stylish.

A lot of girls also said that they liked t-shirts that meant they didn’t have to wear a bra. These kinds of t-shirts have a stretchiness and are quite strong similar to a men’s t-shirt. A t-shirt with a pocket that conveniently hides one boob is preferable. The t-shirt needs to be opaque of course.

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