Using Hanes Value T-Shirts For Your Business The Hanes brand has a very long history. It all started back in 1901 when the business opened as Shamrock Knitting Mills. The founder of the business was John Wesley Hanes and it all started in Winston, North Carolina. The Shamrock Knitting Mills Company got a new name of Hanes Hosiery Mills in 1914. The Sara Lee Corporation now owns Hanes and it is its biggest brand.  Hanes manufacture a variety of products including outwear such as t-shirts, shorts and sports shirts as well as fleece wear. They also produce a number of underwear products for men, women and children.

Hanes Value T-Shirts are widely recognized In the United States Hanes is one of the oldest established and most recognized t-shirt companies. For many years Hanes has been making innovative developments that have resulted in t-shirts of the very best quality. You can take advantage of this when you buy wholesale Hanes t-shirts. Hanes blank t-shirts have become an industry standard in the tee printing world. Businesses buy them wholesale because of the quality and the price. A lot of celebrities endorse Hanes blank t-shirts and these include Charlie Sheen, Michael Jordan and Cuba Gooding Jr. These celebrities have all appeared on TV and appeared in other media over the years promoting the Hanes value t-shirts. Hanes offer standard t-shirts that are popular with a lot of screen printers. This popularity is due to the fact that the t-shorts cost less to use. Most of these standard Hanes t-shirts are box cut and made from 100% cotton. They are in no way fitted. These t-shirts will appeal to the masses and if that is your target market then you will get good value for money.

A wide range of T-Shirts

Hanes can offer you a wide range of t-shirts including their popular “beefy” collection. Some of the most popular Hanes value t-shirts are: Style 5170 5.2 oz 50:50 Comfort Blend Eco Smart T-shirt Style 5180 6.1 Oz Beefy T-shirts Style 5280 5.2 oz ComfortSoft The size range varies per t-shirt with the Hanes 5280 ComfortSoft available from small to 3 XL with a choice of 11 colors. The Beefy 5180 range is available in the same sizes and there are 22 colors that you can choose from with this one. There are some interesting colors such as California blue and daffodil yellow on offer.

5170 Comfort Blend Eco

Hanes have created the 5170 using their EcoSmart technology. They provide 5% polyester to the t-shirt by using plastic bottles that have been recycled. The 5170 is 50% cotton and 50% polyester and Hanes use a specialty knit process to ensure that the shirt is soft. Hanes guarantee that the lay flat collar on the 5170 will stay flat and retain its shape. This is a durable t-shirt that has reinforced double stitching for the sleeves, the hem and the neck. It also has taping from shoulder to shoulder and the neck label is tag free.

5180 Beefy

The 5180 Beefy is one of the most popular Hanes value t-shirts. The shirt is premium cotton which is very soft and feels really good to wear. Reinforced shoulders and neck by using non chafe taping. The collar is lay flat and keeps its shape. The shirt is tag free. There is double stitching on the bottom hem and the trims of the sleeves for increased durability. The cut of this t-shirt is full making it a lot roomier than others. The 5180 is available for men, women and kids too.

5280 ComfortSoft

The 5280 is a 5.2 ounce t-shirt made from cotton that is very soft. The sleeves are stitched double for added durability. Like many other Hanes value t-shirts the 5280 has a “stay in shape” lay flat collar and taping from shoulder to shoulder. The 5280 is normally 100% cotton but the Ash t-shirt is 99% cotton and 1% polyester and the Light Steel t-shirt is 90% cotton and 10% polyester. There is no itching from wearing the 5280 as it is tag free.

Hanes Reputation

When you buy Hanes value t-shirts you know that you are buying quality. The company designs, sources and manufactures t-shirts that are in demand by your customers every day. Almost everybody is aware of the Hanes brand and they will trust them completely. 

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