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Threadfast Apparel fashion t-shirts are a fairly new addition to the wholesale blank t-shirt market. But Threadfast Apparel is not new when it comes to providing garments and fabrics to the world’s retailers. They have been doing this for over twenty five years. The company wanted to reach out to the public and t-shirt printers so it created its wholesale outlet.

Members of the public and printers can now purchase Threadfast Apparel fashion t-shirts directly from the company. There are other online t-shirt providers that can supply you with small or large quantities of Threadfast t-shirts for screen printing. You can even buy Threadfast t-shirts on Amazon now.

So why should you consider Threadfast Apparel fashion T-Shirts?

The Threadfast Apparel slogan is “when looks matter as much as comfort”. The company is living by this, and has developed a reputation for creating really fashionable t-shirts and other garments for both men and women.

The t-shirts made by Threadfast Apparel are beautiful and modern and the thing that really sets them apart from their competitors is the comfort level of the shirts. The company claims that their garments are more comfortable than any other brand.

There is a simple yet elegant design style to Threadfast t-shirts. They look pretty unique and are pretty easy to distinguish from other brands. This appeals to a lot of their customers, as they like the idea of maintaining their individuality at the same time as looking great and feeling great in Threadfast garments.

The Threadfast Apparel brand is “premium lifestyle” and this is reflected through their innovation in creating sleek garments that are comfortable and modern looking. They are able to combine the latest trends in fashion with simple, classic silhouettes and produce t-shirts and other clothes that have a great feel to them and become wardrobe staples.

Threadfast Apparel is in touch with the fashion scene on both the East Coast and the West Coast of the United States. Their headquarters is smack in the center of the New York City fashion district and in Southern California they have their design studio.

Fabrics available from Threadfast Apparel

As part of their innovative drive, Threadfast are able to offer a range of fabrications which all have a different feel to them. You can buy fashion t-shirts using most of these fabrications. Here are some of the more popular choices:

Jersey Spandex is a popular choice. It consists of 58% cotton, 38% polyester and 4% spandex. This fabric will stretch really easily and it is comfortable and lightweight. This fabric is ideal for active people.

Slub Jersey is another popular fabric. It consists of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This fabric is a twist on classic t-shirt material. The print surface of the Slub Jersey is very print friendly and it has a light texture.

Blizzard Jersey is also a favorite fabric. It consists of 95% polyester and 5% cotton. It has a reputation for being really comfortable fashion t-shirt and it is very soft despite the high polyester content.

Triblend Jersey is a fabric that you may think that you recognize. It is a style of fabric that has been around for a long time and is in many wardrobes. It is both durable and comfortable and consists of 50% polyester 38% cotton and 12% rayon.

Vintage Dye is a fabric that Threadfast claim as “perfectly worn in”. This is especially true around the seams of t-shirts. It consists of 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

Cross Dye is for those that are looking for unique cross gradation of colors that really looks unique. This fabric consists of 60% cotton 40% polyester.

Sizes and Colors

Threadfast Apparel fashion t-shirts are normally available in the size range XS (extra small) through to 3 XL but you need to check the size availability for the t-shirt model that you want to purchase.

There are normally around 7 color options for Threadfast t-shirts and these are staple colors such as black, green, grey, navy, orange, red and royal. Again you need to check the color options available for your chosen t-shirts.

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