What Are The Different Types Of Socks For Men And Women?

closeout socks chicagoThe sock is a very basic garment that has one purpose – to keep your feet warm. That is what a lot of people think (especially men) and as a result they walk around in the drabbest socks imaginable.

But times they are a changing and for girls, socks have always been a fashion statement. A lot more men are becoming more fashion conscious when it comes to socks these days and this has given rise to a number of different types of socks being available in the marketplace.

We will examine the different types of socks here so that you can broaden your horizons and go a lot further than keeping your feet warm. The length of the sock is very important as is the type and the material used to create them.

Socks of Ankle Length

These have really risen in popularity over the last few years. If you are wearing sneakers or another type of low cut shoe then ankle length socks can be just what you are looking for. You will probably be aware of these socks and know that they will cover the feet and stop at the ankles.

When you choose the right ankle length socks they will look really great on both men and women. They are ideal for use in the gym or with low cut shoes in any situation such as running and playing sports.

Socks of Quarter Length

These socks will go beyond your ankles and will reach your shins. Quarter length socks usually provide protection for the rear of your feet and will stop shoes biting and blisters forming. A lot of men use them in professional situations and women will use them for style and protection.

Men will wear quarter length socks with informal shoes normally. You can also use them in more formal situations. A lot of women are now wearing quarter length socks when they go running or visit the gym.

Socks of Crew Length

If you spend a lot of time outdoors and like activities such as running and hiking then crew length socks are a good choice. You will get very good coverage and protection from these socks and depending on the length (usually 6-8 inches) and the length of your legs they could be reaching your calf muscles.

Socks of Mid Calf Length

When you choose mid calf length socks they should reach your calf muscles but not surpass them like longer socks will. These are great when the weather is cold and will usually keep your legs warm thanks to the woolen material used. Women can get mid calf socks in net and sheer fabrics.

Socks of Calf Length

Want to cover your entire calf muscles and right up to below your knees? Then calf length socks are what you need. A lot of athletes and sports players wear these kinds of socks as they provide very good protection.

Socks of Knee Length

This kind of sock is popular amongst women and worn a lot under boots when the weather is cold. Knee length socks are good at keeping your feet warm and also have a cushioning effect on your feet. You will find knee length socks widely used in the hospitality and aviation industries where they are a normal part of the uniform.

Socks Of Thigh High Length

Women again predominantly wear these. Thigh high length socks can be a great companion to skirts. A lot of thigh high socks have printing on them these days which will add to your style statement. Men that wear kilts for whatever reason will often wear thigh high socks as well.

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