Next Level Apparel is a company who claim that they deliver garments that are the latest fashion using high quality innovative fabrics that are very soft, and all at an extremely competitive price.

They have a very good color palette and their styles are modern and so is the fit. They have become more and more popular as the go to company for fashion t-shirts blanks over the years in the United States and across the world.

Next Level Apparel is a strong believer in high standards and this includes all of their manufacturing processes, their customer service delivery and the shipping of their garments. This has underpinned their development in the market and the growth of their brand. They are now a leading supplier of fashion t-shirt blanks for consumers and printers alike.

The company’s factories maintain ethical standards of conduct and they are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified. Next Level are committed to take care of the environment and respect the rights of the people that work for them. They never entertain sweat shop environments and never employ children in their factories.  

Not just a copy of American Apparel

There is a belief that Next Level fashion t-shirts are just a copy of the classic American Apparel 2001 tee. But this is not the case. If anything, Next Level has improved on the 2001. They have produced lighter fashion t-shirts at around 4.3 ounces and managed to maintain the high quality.

Next Level t-shirts also have a side seam which is important and often overlooked. Although you might consider this to be a minor detail it is actually critical to maintaining t-shirt shape. The Next Level fashion t-shirts are always soft and are usually a very good fit.

Next Level t-shirts are available in 100% cotton and 60% cotton / 40% polyester. The 60/40 blend is actually better because it is less likely to shrink and is still just as soft as 100% cotton.

The American Apparel tri blend t-shirts are very popular but they are expensive. Next Level have a tri blend range too which is very similar but will cost you considerably less. There are some very good color options for the Next Level tri blends as well.

A popular choice for Screen Printing and Promotions

Next Level t-shirts are a very popular choice for screen printing. People want a good fit, good quality and value from their t-shirts, and Next Level delivers on all fronts. Women are very well catered for by Next Level, and there are many different choices for them. Premium brands and boutiques will all print on these ladies fashion t-shirts.

If you are promoting a brand that is linked to fashion or fitness then Next Level garments are a good choice.

Popular Next Level Fashion T-Shirts

The Next Level 6410 is definitely one of its most popular t-shirts. It is one of the softest t-shirts available, and a lot of girls buy these shirts for their men as they like the soft and comforting feeling.

The 6410 is a high end fashion t-shirt and it has a price to match. But it still represents good value for money and it is hard to find a t-shirt to beat it for its unique quality, great feel and really good fit. Printing on these shirts looks great especially if a single pass ink method is used. It will give the short a worn in or vintage look.

Another popular Next Level t-shirt is the “Fitted Suede”. The fabric used in these shirts consists of 60% combed cotton and 40% polyester suede. This gives the t-shirt a really soft touch similar to a very fine velvet material. It looks a lot cooler than traditional velvet ever could though.

Next Level fashion t-shirts are available for men and women and they have a unisex range as well. There is usually a large range of colors to choose from (around 25 on average) and the t-shirts are normally available from XS to 3XL sizes.


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