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There are some really great slightly imperfect t shirts available that will look great on you and save you money. The imperfections are so slight that almost nobody will notice them, so you can buy in complete confidence.

What does Slightly Imperfect mean?

The slightly imperfect definition is where there are assessments of clothing against a number of factors to determine if it is top quality or not. There are a number of reasons and these include a defect in the fabric, imperfections in construction, slight discrepancies in dye lots and slight issues with sizing.

What are Mill Graded T Shirts?

The term “mill graded” refers to the fact that the factory making the t shirts has made the assessment. The names often given are mill graded irregular t shirts, factory reject t shirts and slightly irregular t shirts. The above mill graded t shirts have imperfections or are “damaged” according to the manufacturer and therefore classified as second quality t shirts. This does not mean that the garments are not wearable. All of the quality t shirt manufacturers have very strict quality standards and guidelines, and if a garment does not meet these standards then they are classified mill grade imperfections. The garments are in the same packaging and sold this way, but they will be marked as slightly imperfect.

How do you know where the Imperfection is?

Often there will be a marker where the imperfection is on the t shirt. This can be in the form of tape, a sticker or a flag near the location of the imperfection. Each manufacturer will have their own take on imperfections so quality will vary dependant on the manufacturer. Often the boxes that hold mill grade imperfection t shirts will contain different colors but they will all be the same size.

So a small size box may contain a variety of colors that are all slightly imperfect. The typical customers for mill graded slightly imperfect t shirts are bargain outlets, warehouse discount stores, screen printers and discount retail stores. Sometimes you will see slightly imperfect mill graded t shirts called “seconds”. Business that can benefit the most from our extensive stock of mill graded T Shirts include discount retail chains, bargain outlets, warehouse discount stores and screen printers.

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