The History of Jerzees Benjamin Russell was 25 years old back in 1902 when he went into business. He created the Russell Manufacturing Company with just 6 knitting machines. Up to this point, Russell was a lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama, but he had always wanted to open his own business. So he selected a small number of employees and started his clothing business in a small wooden building that had no electricity. Their first machines used steam power. In its first year of operation, the Russell Manufacturing Company was able to create around 150 garments per day, and this soon turned into a clothing empire. Russell was the president of the company until he died in 1941. In the 1930’s an athletic division emerged, and this was manufacturing football jerseys for a sporting goods distributor in New York. In the 1960’s and 70’s there was a huge rise in popularity for t-shirts and athletic garments for both men and women, and the Russell brand became synonymous with this. The company really prospered especially due to the high demand for t-shirts. Introduced back in 1983, the Jerzees brand has grown significantly since then and is now a household name.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Jerzees Value T-Shirts For Your Screen Printing

Jerzees value t-shirts are very popular and worn by a lot of people. Very well known in the leisure wear and sports clothing markets, the Jerzees brand and associated company have a long history of creating clothing lines that are both durable and comfortable. Jerzees is one of the largest manufacturers of clothing in the United States. You may even have a Jerzees product yourself, or certainly know people that that own items of Jerzees clothing. People buy Jerzees products because they are looking for style, quality and comfort and the brand delivers this.

Popular Products that people Trust

Well known across North America for the Jerzees value t-shirt range, it is also recognized and trusted for its range of active wear, comfortable fleeces, sportswear and leisure clothing. People trust the Jerzees brand to provide comfort, durability and quality in a range of styles and color options. Jerzees t-shirts are renowned for their diversity and this includes the materials used, thickness of the shirts and the styles available. There are t-shirts for women, t-shirts for men and t-shirts for kids too. Some of the most popular garments in the Jerzees value t-shirts range are: Style 363M 5 oz. HiDENSI-T T-Shirt Style 29M Dri-POWER ACTIVE 5.6 oz. 50/50 T-Shirt Style 363L 5 oz. HiDENSI-T ® Long-Sleeve T-Shirt  

So Much choice

  When you choose Jerzees value t-shorts for your promotions and screen printing you will be able to choose from a good range of sizes and colors. The popular 29M range is available in small to 5 XL sizes, and there are 48 different color options for you to choose from. Do you like the look of vintage heather navy or deep purple? You can have them.  

T-Shirt Specifications

  Most Jerzees t-shirts have an advanced moisture management feature. Well made t-shirts that  have a 1 x 1 rib collar that features front neck, two needle cover stitching. The two needle method is also used for the hemmed bottom and sleeves. There is normally a tear away label with Jerzees t-shirts.


For the quality offered by Jerzees value t-shirts the prices will surprise you. You will be able to buy the t-shirts wholesale for a very competitive price, and you will know that your customers will be receiving quality and durability. They are certainly worth considering for your next promotion or screen printing business. Jerzees value t-shirts tend to be the preferred choice for corporate organizations and sports teams. The brand has a very well deserved reputation in the apparel market and has a very long and successful history behind it. It is a brand that is here to stay and will continue to offer incredible value wholesale t-shirts.

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