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Holloway Sportswear started way back in 1946 based in Sidney, Ohio. The company designs and manufactures active sportswear and this includes performance t-shirts, fan wear, outer wear, sweaters, athletic uniforms, team apparel and accessories. They make garments for men, women and children.

For more than 70 years, Holloway has delivered the highest quality sportswear to athletes in the millions. There prices are very competitive and you will get the same quality, if not better, than you will find with much higher priced brands.  Holloway has a large and loyal following in the athletic community due to it being a top provider of garments for sports teams.

Holloway focus on providing high performance garments that will provide athletes with the maximum advantage. If you are in the studio, on the field or in the gym, The design of Holloway active wear will help you to be your best. There is no need to purchase performance t-shirts and other garments just because they have an expensive logo.

Holloway Performance T-Shirts best sellers

Zoom Performance T-Shirts

The Zoom sports t-shirt is designed to provide you with maximum performance in the gym or on the field of play. It has a crew neck and is semi fitted and the latest model is the Zoom 2.0. This t-short is all about mobility, and will give you the flexibility to make that pass or lift those weights like a champion.

The Zoom 2.0. consists of a polyester knit with dry Excel which provides a very high stretch level. This is perfect for all ranges of sports motion. Moisture wicking is a feature which means that sweat will be minimized and this will not distract the athlete.

This is a very durable performance t-shirt from Holloway at the right price.  It is available in 24 different colors and the sizes start from small and extend through to 4XL. There is a version of the Zoom performance t-shirt for women too which is available from small to 3XL and has 16 color options.

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