Hand Graded Irregulars

This class comprises clothing considered non-first quality or slightly irregular from the producers.  This could be for a large number of reasons including, but not limited to, fabric flaw, construction imperfections, minor dye lot discrepancies, or minor sizing issues.  

Those with significant visible flaws are dropped to the (*3rds*) class below.  Those without significant noticeable flaws are offered as a very clean, or as we call it, hand graded irregular.  The principal difference between those and first quality clothes are the marked, clipped, or stamped tags behind the neck. 

Additionally, hand graded irregular clothing will generally have no retail hang tags or UPC adhesives.   They’re sold colour wise and size wise but in dozens only.

Factory flaw clothes, factory seconds, clothes moments, factory irregulars, factory imperfects, slightly irregular, slightly imperfect are all terms that describe clothing that didn’t meet the manufacturers stringent quality guidelines for first quality, non-defective clothes and are considered factory rejects.  Hand Graded Irregulars t shirts Chicago Factory flaws in clothing can vary from minor flaws, considered slightly imperfect or slightly irregular, to rags or pound products.   We don’t sell any rags or pound products and therefore all products while damaged could be worn.  Factory defect clothing is bought by charities, schools, goodwill and thrift shops, and other giving organizations which are looking for quality clothing at bargain rates. Hospitals, hospital supply stores, trauma centers, and short and long term medical care institutions buy defective clothing as a means to lower their operational expenses. 

Discount retailers, flea markets, swap meets, dollar stores, and outlet shops sell faulty clothing at low costs to supply bargains for their clients.  Screen printers and embroiderers buy faulty and closeout clothes for sales and promotions.  The degree of damage determines how we categorize the quality of the clothes on our web site.  Please view the picture below for a comprehensive list of the quality standards on the  Web website. 

Our products include t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, polo shirts, and much more; in all size ranges such as boys, girls, women’s, men’s, and size men’s, and plus size women’s. Our irregulars come in various styles, like adult standard t-shirts, mature ringer t-shirts, pocket tops, women’s t-shirts, women’s V-necks, women’s fitted t-shirts, children t-shirts, children long sleeves, and toddler t-shirts. We source all of our irregulars directly from the manufacturer by the truckload, further driving down the purchase price.  So, have a look at our choice. 

We guarantee you won’t find lower prices anywhere else. Irregulars t-shirts would be the best of the off-quality grades.   These clothes have very minor imperfections which are a normal consequence of the manufacturing procedure.

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