Slightly Imperfect Apparel Hand Graded Irregulars

Another category for t shirts and other garments that you may come across is “hand graded irregulars”. There are other terms used for this which include “clean irregulars”, “graded factory rejects’ and “graded factory seconds”. The flaws in these t shirts are barely noticeable and therefore you can wear these garments with confidence. If there are flaws that are clearly visible then these will end up in the “thirds” category. What kind of Flaws are Hand Graded Irregulars? There are a variety of reasons why a t shirt ends up as hand graded irregular. There may be a issues with the sizing of the garment, discrepancies with the dye lot, a slight defect in the fabric and even slight defects in the process of construction. People will inspect a batch thoroughly to determine if flaws exist or not. If a flaw exists and is hardly noticeable then the t shirts sell as hand graded irregulars – they will still be clean t shirts that are good to wear. Are there special Markings for Hand Graded Irregulars? There can be but they are not always there. It depends on the policy of the manufacturer. Most manufacturers will add a mark and this is usually on the neck label. Clipping of the label can take place or they can be uniquely stamped or marked in another way. You will find that a lot of hand graded irregular t shirts will not have the hang tags found with perfect t shirts. It is also likely that hand graded irregular garments will not have any PVC adhesives either. Who will buy Hand Graded Irregular T Shirts? Hand graded irregular t shirts are popular with screen printers. You will also find that hospitals will purchase them as well. General merchandise and variety stores will also pick them up as will the discount retail chains.

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