Gradeouts Chicago IlWhat They Are

This class comprises clothes with clearly visible defects.  During our grading procedure, any clothes found with visible flaws, are transferred into this class we call 3rds.  These flaws can include, but aren’t limited to: pockets (ranging from pencil eraser to golf ball sized), rips, stains, seam puckering, mended tears, misstitching, and other defects.

Conventional hangtag labels will be cut horizontally, others might have an ‘IR’ or ‘IM’ postage, or marked labels out.  All of these clothes, while flawed, are still wearable and represent real value for the cheapest priced discounters.

They’re packed with assorted sizes and various colors. The damaged products are also known as Thirds, Holes, Gradeouts, Imperfects, etc..

During our grading procedure, once we hand cull all of our irregular apparel and some other clothes found with visible flaws are transferred to this category.   All of these clothes, while flawed, are still wearable and represent real value for the cheapest priced discounters.

Irregulars t-shirts would be the best of the off-quality grades.   These clothes have very minor imperfections, which are a normal consequence of the manufacturing procedure.  By way of instance, they could have minor color or spec difficulties.  Most irregularities can’t be seen with the naked eye. We inspect all of irregular clothing before sending them to ensure they adhere to our stringent quality criteria.  Irregulars provide you the chance to buy excellent product at a fraction of the expense of first quality.

How It Happens

The production process is all but perfect.  Human ingenuity has produced machines that could run day in, day out and create materials with precision accuracy.  But, sometimes, despite our best efforts, imperfections do happen.  In cases like this, what can you do?  You don’t need to just throw that entire item away, but you can’t sell if for full cost.  The answer, at least in regards to t-shirts, would be to offer them for a fraction of the purchase price.  These are known as irregulars and as we say above our irregular t-shirts are super high quality.

Our irregulars come in various styles, like adult standard t-shirts, mature ringer t-shirts, pocket tops, women’s t-shirts, women’s V-necks, women’s fitted t-shirts, children t-shirts, children long sleeves, and toddler t-shirts.

So, have a look at our choice.  We guarantee you won’t find lower prices anywhere else.



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