Fleece Sweatshirts ChicagoBenefits Of Fleece Sweatshirts

When the weather turns cold there is nothing nicer than the feeling of fleece. You can have a great crew neck sweatshirt, a hooded sweatshirt, a hooded zipper sweatshirt and even pants that have fleece in their make up.

There are a number of reasons why fleece is very special and you should go for it to keep you warm outdoors and indoors. Here we will look at some facts about fleece and why you should choose it for your sweatshirts.

What is Fleece Fabric?

Fleece is manmade fabric that imitates the sheep’s woolen coat. It has the very best qualities of real wool but you will not have to deal with itchiness when it comes to fleece. It is less expensive than conventional wool so you can be warm and cozy for less.

Is Fleece Durable?

Yes it is. It has polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in it which is a plastic that you will find in detergent and soda bottles. It may seem hard to believe that the same polymer used to make these bottles goes into making fleece but it is true. The synthetic fibers are very strong so your fleece sweatshirt will be very durable.

How do they get Fleece Sweatshirts to be so Soft?

In the manufacturing process a napping machine will rub bristles over the surface of the fleece to make them extra fuzzy. This feature makes them soft and ideal for apparel such as sweatshirts and pants.

Why is Fleece so warm?

Fleece is a very strong fabric and it dries very fast. The original manufacturers believed that fleece was for outdoor clothing only, but because it is so warm it has become popular to wear indoors as well and features inside the best fleece sweatshirts.

Fleece is Lighter than Wool

Fleece garments are generally lighter than their wool counterparts. You can get fleece sweatshirts in a variety of different thicknesses and they will all be lighter than wool irrespective of how thick they are.

Fleece and Water

If you find yourself in a heavy downpour while wearing your fleece sweatshirt then there is no need to worry as fleece will not hold any water. When fleece gets wet it is still breathable due to its hydrophobic qualities. Nobody wants to wear a sweatshirt that is wet and heavy and this will never be the case with fleece.

Fleece is not an Animal Byproduct

Many people these days are concerned about using animal byproducts. There are no animal by products used to make fleece so it is fine for vegans to use. Fleece consists of entirely man made materials which makes it a very good alternative to woolen products.

Fleece is Environmentally Friendly

A lot of people are worried about the effect that clothing manufacture has on the environment for good reason. The good news about fleece is that it is most often manufactured using recycled plastic bottles and PET materials from other recycled products.  It is even possible to create new fleece from recycled fleece.

The fact that PET is so recyclable means there is a never ending supply of raw materials to make fleece. In the manufacture of a yard of fleece around 8 soda plastic bottles are used. It is much better that these bottles manufacture fleece than find their way to the nearest landfill. So do your bit for the environment and buy fleece sweatshirts.

How do you Wash Fleece?

You need to wash your fleece sweatshirts at a lower temperature than you would other garments. After a while people complain that their fleece sweatshirts are starting to feel a bit rough. This is because they have not followed the proper washing instructions.

When you use low temperatures to wash your fleece sweatshirts you will preserve the integrity of the fleece. You should always air dry your fleece sweatshirts and don’t put your fleece sweatshirt into the dryer.

There is no need for you to iron your fleece sweatshirt either. If you do this then you can damage the fleece. So take care of your fleece sweatshirts and they will keep you warm, dry and comfortable for a long time.

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