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The crew neck sweat shirt has become a must have for most people’s wardrobes. They are a very versatile garment that you can essentially wear with anything. People describe crew neck sweat shirts as being “cozy” and “very wearable”.

Many famous stars have worn crew neck sweat shirts to good effect in movies. Eddie Murphy pulle off the look in “Beverly Hills Cop”, John Travolta looked great in his in the hit movie “Grease” and you could argue that it helped Steve McQueen to escape in “The Great Escape”. Many other actors have worn crew neck sweat shirts in their movies too.

Things to Look Out for

 One of the most important aspects of a crew neck sweat shirt is how it fits. It should show off all your best features and cling to places that you want such as your back and your biceps. It also needs to give you freedom of movement in the stomach and neck areas. All of this will make you look great.

Check for the quality of the workmanship that has gone into a shirt. Does it have a well stitched hem and neck? Are there hems on the sleeves? Does the crew neck sweat shirt have a soft material feel that is durable?

How good does the shirt feel to wear? Remember that it needs to feel cozy at all times whether you are standing or sitting. What about the make up of the shirt? Does it consist of a cotton and polyester blend?

Does the crew neck sweat shirt you are thinking of buying look good enough to wear just about anywhere? Could you get away with wearing it in your office? If it has a high quality look to it then you should be able to wear it for just about any occasion.

Good Choices of Crew Neck Sweat Shirts

These days there are so many crew neck sweat shirts available at different prices it can be really difficult to find the right one that will suit your needs. We have done the heavy lifting for you and identified three of the best shirts that are available for all ages and come in many weights:

Gildan 18000 Heavy Blend™ 8 Oz

This crew neck sweat shirt consists of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It is available in many different sizes from small to 5XL. The fabric is 8 oz/yard squared. There are a number of color options available for this sweat shirt.

This crew neck is a fleece knit that has been preshrunk. The fabric is an air jet yarn which makes the shirt feel softer and reduces piling. There is double stitching on the cuffs and the waistband and the garment has been quarter turned to stop center crease. The shirt has a satin label and a 1 x 1 rib with spandex.

Jerzees 8 Oz NuBlend® 50/50 Fleece Crew Neck Sweat Shirt

The Jerzees crew neck sweat shirt is another that is worthy of consideration. With sizes starting from small to 4XL and a wide range of color options it should not be difficult to find the right shirt for you.

This shirt has a high stitch density and consists of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This shirt will look good all year round thanks to its NuBlend fleece. This shirt is almost pill free and the double napped fleece provides a softer feeling.

The waistband has spandex and so do the cuffs. The body of this shirt is seamless and the sleeves are set in. On the waistband, neck, armholes and shoulders there is double needle over seaming.

Hanes P1607 7.8Oz ComfortBlend® EcoSmart® 50/50 Fleece Crew

Hanes has done it again with this great crew neck sweat shirt. It is 7.8Oz and is available from a small size to a 5XL size. Again you can have the crew in a number of different colors and they have a soft and comfortable feel.

The cuffs and waistband of this shirt are ribbed and the neck label is tag free. The armholes and the neck are double needle over seamed. The patented PrintPro® XP fabric has low pill features and high stitch density. This crew consists of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

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