The Truth About Closeouts

We offer a range of closeout apparel that is of interest to a number of different customers. Our customers in this market tend to be screen printers for t-shirts and sweatshirts, businesses that use apparel for promotion, retail chains that are mass market and stores that focus on resort wear.

We also deal in cancelled shipments and can offer socks, t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. We will be pleased to discuss any closeout order with you and provide details of what we have available.

What are Apparel Closeouts?

A closeout is a well known business retail term that applies to apparel where inventories are in excess, there is an overstock situation, discontinued lines and so on. The quality of this apparel is normally first rate and the apparel can often be flawless.

A lot of closeout apparel will have been made for large retail channels and quite often the tags for these stores will still be in the garment. It is also possible that closeout clothing will have UPC (Universal Product Code) stickers in them. Check the tags as they could well be exactly what you would find on the rack of well known department stores.

Some closeout clothing will be specifically produced for screen printers or those companies that are in the embroidering industry. These garments will not have any specific tags or branding on them. This largely depends on where the clothes were in the production line cycle when deemed to be closeouts.

You can obtain private label closeouts and these garments will have all of the tags and brand labels removed. The size labels, washing instruction labels and any other label that is important will remain in the garment.

Apparel closeouts can originate production orders cancelled or even stock lots. These clothes are of the best quality and sought after by many. Often they sell at the most reasonable prices and usually sell out very fast.

What are the Advantages of Buying Closeout Garments?

There are a couple of really big advantages to buying closeout apparel. The main one is that you can obtain the highest quality clothing for a very cheap price. The prices will always be low as vendors of closeout apparel want to move the goods on as fast as they can. The prices will reflect the fact that a fast clearance is required.

We often offer closeout apparel. Our prices are very competitive and you will find very high quality clothing at a very low price. There will be some famous brands in a closeout sale sometimes.

When you compare the cost of closeout apparel to what you would pay in a retail store you will be surprised at the money you will save. Closeout vendors often have a large amount of stock that they want to move so there are always bargains available.

Closeout sales are often in Bulk

You will find that most apparel closeouts are in bulk. You will normally find that you have to buy a significant number of garments rather than just one or two. As an example of this you may have to purchase one hundred t-shirts that are from different origins of manufacture.

Sometimes the clothing may be mixed and there maybe t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and so on. Your closeout vendor will normally provide details of what is included in every closeout sale. You may have heard that closeouts are not a good thing to enter into but this is not true.

The quality of the garments is very good and they are available at a knock down price. This is a good opportunity you should not miss and our closeout sales are of the highest quality so you can purchase with confidence.


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