Why Polo Shirts Are So Popular With Men

closeout polo shirts ChicagoYes some women do wear polo shirts and they look great in them. But it is mostly men that wear the polo shirt and it is a “style staple” for them. Despite this nobody really gets truly excited about this garment even though millions of men wear them.

One of the reasons for this lack of enthusiasm may be because the polo shirt is viewed as being part of a uniform. Elementary school students wear them and so does the pizza delivery guy. Fraternity brothers often wear them and used a lot in the corporate world.

It is often said that the polo shirt is a “lazy man’s garment”. This is a little unfair but there have been many cases where guys have reached for a polo shirt instead of taking the time and trouble of wearing a formal shirt and tie. They still looked good in the polo shirt though.

Polo Shirts need love too

We feel that the polo shirt deserves a little more love than it actually gets. It is firmly in between the casual t-shirt and the formal dress shirt. It is a garment that men wear perfectly at almost any event that does not require the totally formal approach.

Think of those dates that you go on in the summer and those great barbecues in the back yard. If you go out and you are not sure where you are going to end up then a smart polo shirt is the ideal garment to wear.

Men wear polo shirts every day. They are breathable and cool and have the comfort level of an ordinary t-shirt. They are just as easy to put on and wear as a t-shirt too. But they look classier than ordinary t-shirts and are an upgrade.

Many different types of men wear polo shirts to good effect. They are very popular with skaters on the West Coast and Nantucket yachtsmen alike. They are just right for so many different occasions and have the right element of style so that you can carry off virtually any look.

So the polo shirt is really clutch! People may view the polo shirt as an ordinary everyday garment but it is pretty versatile and will grace most occasions. You can wear your polo shirt with pride and in style.

How did the Polo Shirt come about?

The polo shirt has its foundations in tennis rather than the sport of polo. Tennis has always had an aristocratic feel about it and in the early days players use to wear “tennis whites”. This comprised of a dress shirt that had the sleeves rolled up, a tie and flannel pants.

These types of garments were extremely hot to play tennis in. They could restrict movement too. Playing good tennis in a formal dress shirt is almost impossible. Rene Lacoste was a seven times Grand Slam winner and decided that all of this had to change.

Lacoste made his own tennis shirt that was breathable and comfortable. It had short sleeves and three buttons at the top instead of having buttons all the way down. It was a lightweight shirt that had a lot of flexibility.

He made his debut in the new shirt at the 1926 US Open. He won the tournament in style and comfort. The shirt was such a hit that he received many requests from others to make one for them. After his retirement in 1933 he dedicated his life to manufacturing the shirt for all.

And so the polo shirt was born. It became popular with other sports people such as golfers and polo players. Years later a polo shirt war began among the top designers like Ralph Lauren. Nowadays everyone wears polo shirts including the President of the United States.

The Polo Shirts we have on offer

 We hold irregular polo shirts that come in both adult and children’s sizes. Most of these polo shirts are mill graded. The shirts come in boxes and there are usually 3 dozen polo shirts per box. Polo shirts are particularly popular at back to school time.


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