Slightly Imperfect Apparel Thirds Or

Gradeouts T Shirts

With mill graded slightly imperfect t shirts the defect is hardly noticeable. In fact you will often see pointers used to pinpoint where the slight imperfection is. With thirds or “gradeout” categorized t shirts the imperfections are clearly visible for all to see. T shirts go through a rigorous checking process by manufacturers and wholesalers and if there are any visible imperfections then the garments fall into the category of thirds. There are a number of visible defects that can categorize a t shirt as a third. Despite the visible defects in the t shirt and that it is a third, these garments are still completely wearable and often it is hard to see the visible flaw. People will always buy these t shirts so there is a big market out there for them.

What defects will constitute a Third?

When inspecting, the manufacturers and / or wholesalers will be checking for visible holes in the t shirt which can range from small to large. The holes could be the size that a ball point pen would make or they could be golf ball size. Other defects that include mis-stitching, rips in the garment, stains on the garment, tears that have been mended and puckering of the seams. There are other flaws in the t shirts that the inspectors will look for too.

How do you know if a T Shirt is a Third?

There are a number of ways that you can identify a t shirt as a third. One of the most common methods is to cut the hang label of the garment horizontally. In some cases there could be an “IM” or “IR” stamp on the t shirt. It is also possible that the labels be marked out to clearly indicate that the garment is a third.

Who typically buys Thirds?

You will find thirds sold in a number of different outlets. They are very popular in Dollar Stores and other heavily discounted stores. Also they make good clothing donations and numerous nonprofit relief funds will use them. They can also sell as single use clothing.

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