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Anvil knitwear dates back around 100 years. It is a very popular brand and most people in North America will have a t-shirt or other item from Anvil. Over the last thirty years, Anvil has concentrated on the active wear market and has produced a wide variety of clothing items to suit all tastes. These days Anvil makes their fashion t-shirts using organic cotton, recycled cotton and other materials that are ecologically friendly. They had their headquarters in New York City for quite a time and textile facilities existed in North Carolina. Manufacturing mainly took place in South America as well as some offshore locations around the world. Using manufacturing techniques that are environmentally friendly, Anvil maintains a corporate responsibility that their clothing manufacture shall have minimal impact on the environment. Anvil is now part of the Gildan Acitvewear range as it acquired the company in 2012.


Anvil is environmentally responsible   One of the main reasons for the rise in popularity of Anvil fashion t-shirts is the fact that Anvil is on a mission to reduce its carbon footprint. They take this aim very seriously and employ climate change companies to make an assessment on the size of the carbon footprint that their factories produce. Once they know the size of the footprint then they look at ways to reduce the number.   It is interesting that consumer use of Anvil fashion t-shirts is actually responsible for a larger carbon footprint than their factories are. So Anvil actively encourages people that buy their products to recycle them after use rather than throwing them away.   There are a number of suggestions on offer by Anvil for this recycling. One of the most popular ideas is the holding of a t-shirt (and other clothing) swap party. They also encourage the donation of unwanted t-shirts to charities as well as recommending that t-shirt materials be used for other products.


Most Popular Anvil Fashion T-Shirts Anvil produces a lightweight fashion t-shirt the 980. This is very popular blank t-shirt and is made from 100% cotton that is ring spun and preshrunk. The fit of this t-shirt is athletic and it really looks relaxed.   As with all Anvil t-shirts there is a tear away label and this makes it easier for printing custom tags. There are no traces left behind after tearing away the label. A lot of people nowadays want to fully brand their own t-shirts and the tear away label is really good for this. It is a lot more difficult to do this with directly sewn t-shirt tags, and printers have to be extremely careful not to damage the shirt. The additional time required for this care forces the price of printing up.


Anvil Fashion T-Shirts Quality When it comes to fashion t-shirt quality it is widely regarded that American Apparel leads the way. But the fashion t-shirts from Anvil are just as good and they are much underrated. The Anvil 980 is actually thicker than the popular American Apparel 2001 and it has the same level of softness. Made from tightly woven, soft ring spun cotton the Anvil 980 is a durable t-shirt that has high quality stitching. It is a fitted t-shirt but it is not tight and very comfortable to wear. The soft touch material makes Anvil fashion t-shirts ideal for screen printing inks. The Anvil 980 does not have any side seams and this makes it ideal for those large custom side print jobs. The t-shirt is a one piece fabric and absolutely ideal for side printing applications. There are a number of bright color choices for Anvil fashion t-shirts and they have a line for both men and women.


Go Anvil Go environmentally friendly The quality of Anvil fashion t-shirts is not in doubt. The fit is very good too and so is the price. If this wasn’t enough, you will know that by purchasing Anvil t-shirts for your business you are doing your bit for the environment as well.    

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