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After being involved in the clothing business for at least 24 years, Abdul Maniya, the owner of E-Z Connection, officially opened an apparel business in 2009. With extensive expertise regarding consumer requirements and demands, the owner is now a proud supplier of his own brand along with various other brands like Wrangler, Van Heusen, and Calvin Klein. To make it easier for our customers, we have all the brands we sell on our website, ezconnection.com. The following are just a few qualities which make our website and business stand out from other similar companies. Looking for best prices? One of the most outstanding feature of our website is that we offer a huge range of multi-branded clothing at very reasonable prices. Want a private label? One of the most distinctive features of our clothing business is that we offer an option for a customer to get personalized products with his own private label. In other words, customers can get their Company name printed on their products. Multiple brands under one roof! Sometimes it becomes a hassle to search for different brands in various sizes. That’s why we have created a website with over 500 well-known brands in different sizes and styles. Now you can choose what you like just by logging on to our website. We don’t make you wait! What is even harder than finding the right product is waiting for it to be delivered, so that is why we have created an efficient delivery system. For our warehouse products, we allow you to track your order through courier in case of a delay.

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